Natasha L. 
Graphic Designer

A timeline of two Voyagers
Mission Overview

This book is both a symbolic and a tangible representation of the Voyager timelines.

Though Voyager was one mission, the two probes have had independent journeys with differing encounters and routes through space. A sense of time is generated through the pages themselves: each spread represents six months. The numerous blank spreads act as information as they symbolise the vast distances the Voyagers travelled in order to reach the next phase in their journeys.

When a six month period goes by where nothing occurs, the text is silver. However, when an important event arises, the text is white and the inside fold is fluorescent orange. This acts as a bookmark and also show the overall rhythm of the Voyager's encounters. Each spread records the distances from Earth the Voyagers have attained in Astronomical Units (AU). An AU is equal to about 150 million km.

Design through making: I made several versions before commiting to the final design system in order to find the best solution.